Ascires Biomedical Group

ASCIRES is the leading biomedical group in Spain, specialising in the combination of two cutting-edge fields: Diagnostic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine and Genetics. It is also a reference point in radiotherapeutic oncology.

The Genetics and Genomics part of the Group is lead by Sistemas Genómicos, with over 20 years of experience. The diagnostic imaging part of the group is made up of Cetir-Eresa, with over 40 years of experience. They are a strong duo for precision diagnosis and personalised treatment, aimed at prediction, prevention and the optimisation of early diagnosis and personalised medicine.

ASCIRES focusses its activity on diagnosis and treatment, reinvesting an average of 20% of its profits in R+D+i each year, keeping it cutting-edge and helping to bringing technology and the latest scientific advances. The Group sees knowledge as the basis for innovation, organisational development and a collaborative philosophy in the healthcare sector.

This is thanks to a team of 700 people working in personalised medicine, who share identifying traits: commitment to patients, passion for technological innovation and the humanisation of treatment.

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C/ Londres, 6
08029 – Barcelona
Tel. +34 932 906 269


C/ Colón, 1
46004 – Valencia
Tel. +34 963 404 077

Sistemas Genómicos

Ronda G. Marconi, 6
Parque Tecnológico Valencia
46980 – Paterna
Tel. +34 961 366 150