Social Commitment

Due to our commitment to patients, the Biomedical Group ASCIRES supports Fundación QUAES through CETIR, ERESA and Sistemas Genómicos. The Foundation is a non-profit biomedical organisation that promotes medical research, involving both scientists and medical professionals as well as patients and their families through different educational and outreach projects.

Fundación QUAES currently collaborates with 80 patients’ associations in Spain, providing a new way of conducting research by bringing together the patients’ voices, precision diagnosis and the rigour of universities and research centres.

Sistemas Genómicos participates in this way through Fundación QUAES on different educational and outreach projects directed both at the scientific community and at patients and their families. Patient education is crucial for the company so that they can learn how genomics can help them.

For Sistemas Genómicos, the challenge in genomics is to help healthy population groups: addressing healthy people to prevent the transfer of diseases on to their children. Here, bioethics is essential criteria since the patient is in charge of their own decisions but has to be fully aware of the real situation, always strictly complying with legislation.

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