The company, Sistemas Genómicos, is joining the scientific community that will turn Valencia into a global reference point in the applied research into the genomes of fruit and vegetables between the 3rd and 6th of September at SOLCUC.

  • Sistemas Genómicos becomes the first and only Spanish institution among the pioneers in Europe in deciphering a plant genome, the Tomato Sequencing Project, a global study that discovered the genome of the tomato.

  • Certifying, for example, that a tomato is 100% from growers in Valencia using DNA analysis

Up until the 6th of September, Valencia will be the global capital of agrigenomics, also known as “plant genomics”. An area of study that has seen enormous development in recent years and in which laboratories such as Sistemas Genómicos, the largest Spanish firm working in genetic and molecular research, have become cutting-edge, helping to obtain more resistant, productive and attractive plant varieties for consumers.

In this way, the company, which has its headquarters in Valencia, will be taking part in a scientific event which focuses on the challenges and opportunities offered by the applied study of fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, squashes, melons, watermelons and many others. During the event, the company will show its proposals in areas such as the distinction between plant varieties, allergen analysis or selective breeding.

” “We are witnessing a real plant revolution in which genomics is allowing us to achieve more productive and sustainable crops, as well as clear distinction between varieties. For example, here at our laboratories we can certify that a tomato is 100% from Valencian growers using DNA analysis”, says Amparo Girós, the head of the Agrigenomics Department at Sistemas Genómicos, going on to say that: “Looking out for the health of consumers is another challenge that we face since part of our work is aimed at detecting traces of plants in food. Traces such as soya, celery or cereals with gluten that can have a severe effect on people with intolerances and allergies. These ingredients must be correctly specified on the packaging of any products and here at our laboratories we can check that they are in line with EU legislation.”

In this way, the innovations shown by the company at SOLCUL will reflect over 20 years of research work in the field of Agrigenomics, during which Sistemas Genómicos has hit huge milestones, such as participating in the first massive DNA sequencing product on a plant organism, or being the first Spanish institution to form part of the Tomato Sequencing Project, a pioneering global study to decipher the genome of the tomato.

SOLCUC will be opening its doors at the Palacio de Congresos in Valencia, with over twenty specialist conferences, focussed on the study and production of Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae. This meeting is the first in bringing together the top experts in the genetic analysis of these plant families, and started out in the 2011 conferences in Kobe, Japan.

About Sistemas Genómicos

Sistemas Genómicos is the first and largest Spanish company to specialise in DNA and RNA sequencing with almost twenty years of experience in the field of molecular biology and genetics. With a long history of research and pioneering studies under its belt, the company is currently actively participating on various national and international R+D projects in order to put the latest advances in genetics to the service of society. Sistemas Genómicos forms part of ASCIRES, a biomedical group with over 40 years of history.

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