AutentiGEN® is a specialised service that allows us to authenticate and quantify species in record time and with maximum reliability.

Sistemas Genómicos provides the food industry with advanced analytical tools that allow them to verify the quality and purity of the products they market as quickly and reliably as possible.

Types of Analysis we Offer

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AutentiGEN® Fish

This corroborates the information on the fish product label, which has to stipulate the commercial denomination of the species (EC Regulation No. 104/2000), most importantly being able to detect tampering with species that are morphologically similar but with a lower commercial value.

AutentiGEN® Fish identifies the fish species on a genetic level using PCR and DNA sequencing techniques for cephalopods, clupeidea, engraulidae, scombridae, gadiformes, merlucciidae, mytilidae, flatfish, salmonidae, xiphiidae and veneridae.

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AutentiGEN® Animal Species

Services for detection of tampering and contamination with other undesired species both in fresh and processed meat products, which is fundamental for the commercial value of the products and for religious requirements (halal and kosher).

AutentiGEN® detects meat products (equine, porcine, ovine, bovine, dog, duck, goose, turkey, chicken, goat, buffalo, ruminants, mammals, birds, fish, muscles and cephalopods) and quantifies pig and horse meat using conventional and real-time PCR.

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AutentiGEN® Ibérico Breed

Effective and objective certification of the genetic makeup of animals in vivo and the derived products to ensure the purity of the animal and the origin of the derived products.

  • Analysis of microsatellite markers selected and recommended by the FAO/ISAF for the study of genetic diversity in pigs.
  • Issuing a detail report on the results with the genotype found.
  • Analysis is based on an extensive database that allows us to assign individuals to the Ibérico breed and its variants.


We have molecular analysis services available both as a service and as a kitfor our specialisation areas:

  • AutentiGEN®Species authentication
  • AllergensDetection in consumer goods
  • Transgenics GMO detection and quantification
  • Microbiology Pathogen analysis
  • ExtraGEN®DNA extraction from food products

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Sistemas Genómicos is
accredited by the Spanish Institution for Accreditation (ENAC)

We hold ENAC accreditation according to the standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 to carry out tests, both qualitative and quantitative, on transgenic material in food products and animal feed (Accreditation No. 313/LE646). 

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We are also represented in the main work forums both nationally and internationally, related to GMO:

  • Joint Research Centre (JRC) from the EU.
  • Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) from the EU.
  • GIPSA Proficiency Program on GMO testing from USDA, (United States Department of Agriculture).
  • FAPAS Proficiency program on GMO testing.

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