Precision Diagnosis

The main aim of our consultation is to provide the genetic information available regarding the disease in question and provide advice on the best study methods and the best option for diagnosis.

This information is essential for decision making by the patient and their family, allowing them to assess the options and risks involved, as well as the implications of any possible results. 

How are consultations

Genetic Consultation

Our experienced doctors and geneticists study each patient’s symptoms in depth to provide information about genetic study options and the prescription of the tests necessary for each patient, where applicable.

The genetic tests are carried out at Sistemas Genómicos’ own laboratories with accreditation according to the highest quality standards.

After a rigorous medical-genetic interpretation of the results, our experts explain the consequences of the results, the prognosis and treatment possibilities to the patient. Also, the patient’s family can get information on the possibility of a family study, as well as preventative and reproductive recommendations.

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What can our experts help you with?
  • Genetic information on the disease in question
  • Advice on the best genetic study method
  • Clinical and genetic interpretation of the results
  • Genetic diagnosis and information on possible treatments
  • Family genetic study, recommendations for prevention and reproduction
  • Second medical opinion
Second medical opinion

This type of consultation is intended for patients that need clarification of results, to compare a first diagnosis or a treatment proposal.

Our Medical Specialisations

Sistemas Genómicos belongs to an important biomedical group with over 40 years of experience providing patients with precision diagnoses.