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Sistemas Genómicos, a pioneering company in DNA and RNA sequencing technology, has been actively participating and working on multiple genetic investigation projects since it started, both nationally and internationally.

The company has a large R+D+i component, with approximately 15% investment each year, which is what it bases its growth and development on, making it a leading firm in the sector.

Vouched for by its well-recognised professional background, it has wide-reaching influence in interdisciplinary research projects in the biomedical and agrogenetics sectors. The projects that it has collaborated on are within the framework of diverse calls, such as H2020, FP7, CDTI, MINECO, MINETUR and IVACE, with standout direct involvement in the first international genome sequencing projects carried out in Spain and 7 large European projects, 4 of which are still active.

Sistemas Genómicos

Interdisciplinary Partner Profile

Sistemas Genómicos provides companies, institutions, universities and research centres with all of its experience, technical capabilities and technology to develop innovative research projects together.

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R+D+i (MINECO) certification for internal development

Sistemas Genómicos engages in a huge amount of R+D+I activity, which is the driving force behind its growth, which results in a constant state of development internally. Proof of the quality of our work in this field is the R+D+i certificates for our project and the reports we have received from the Ministry of Economics, Industry and Competition, who classed the company’s intensive activity as that of Innovative SME.

Within this framework, in 2015 and 2016, a total of four projects were certified, three of which were biannual, which allowed us to complete all of the research and development stages necessary to get our services and products on the end market.