genetic consulting

Our experienced doctors and genetics experts can support you through the genetic diagnosis of your patients

  • Preanalyitcal genetic consulting:
    Choice of the best genetic examination method for your patient.
  • Genetic consulting in the laboratory:
    Support and monitoring during the selected genetic test.
  • Postanalyitcal genetic consulting:
    Support with the medical and genetic interpretation of the results, prognosis and treatment.

We can help you

  • We apply the latest developments in genomics and genetics to general medical practice.
  • We provide personalised solutions to meet the needs of any medical situation.
  • We are experts in complex next-generation techniques for studying anything from a mutation to a whole exome. 
    We bring together medical and genetic techniques to develop genetic tools for precision diagnosis.
  • We were the first in Spain to apply Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) for precision diagnosis.



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We can clear up any doubts

Here at Sistemas Genómicos, we provide you will all our knowledge to help you.

Personalised Services

We provide personalised analytical solutions for our specialisation areas.