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Sequencing Services

Our firm is specialised in sequencing. Our offers range from automatic DNA sequencing to massive sequencing using Next Generation Sequencing platforms.

Our main activity is sequencing, and we offer Sanger sequencing services. We have a 96-capillary sequencer, and massive sequencing services using new generation sequencers.

Sistemas Genómicos (SG) is an independent biotechnological firm which was founded in 1998, whose main activity is the research, development and commercialisation of analytical applications based on genome technology.

Our high level of technology and huge innovation capacity, with a human team formed by more than 60 people and with excellence and quality standards, accredited with the most demanding international standards, now makes us the leading firm in Genomic Technology in Spain.

SG was the first firm in Spain to incorporate a massive sequencing platform in 2008 when it began to develop the necessary bioinformatics tools to analyse and understand the data generated by the new massive sequencing technologies.