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Clinical units

Clinical Units have been conceived to directly advise patients. We are here to help you if you need genetic advice or counselling. Contact us and ask for an appointment on telephone no. 902 107 151

Reference clinical units that specialise in counselling and studying genetic diseases. Multidisciplinary units, made up of clinical geneticists, cytogeneticists, neonatologists, dysmorphologists, pharmacists, biologists and embryologists; all of whom address genetic counselling

  • Genetic counselling

    It is a communicative process to provide the genetic information available about the disease consulted in a clear, orderly and up-to-date manner. This information proves essential for patients’ decision making is done suitably, thus allowing patients to assess all the options, any risks, and the implications of all the possible results.

  • Genetic identity

    It includes genetic identification services required in many circumstances in life, which are not always in the health field, but which always require the same criteria of trust, seriousness and quality.