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Human Team

In Sistemas Genómicos, more than 60 professionals work, among whom we find doctors in biology, doctors, engineers, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, computer scientists, etc., and the people in charge of each unit leading the genomic systems science stand out.


Javier Benítez Ortiz
Doctor of Biological Sciences.

He is the Sistemas Genómicos Foundation Chair and Advisor of Sistemas Genómicos’ projects. He has headed the genetic diseases diagnosis strategy by using gene panels for different diseases. Among these, the genetic panel relating to diagnosing sudden death stands out, a Project undertaken by Sistemas Genómicos based on the massive sequencing of 72 genes responsible for cardiovascular diseases and which has allowed Sistemas Genómicos to become leader in this form of diagnosis in our country and internationally.
He obtained his doctor’s degree in Human Genetics at the Complutense University of Madrid in 1982. He is the director of the Human Cancer Genetics Programme. He has been the chair of the Spanish Human Genetics Association, an active member of various scientific associations and has been a reviewer of several scientific publications. He has been a professor of Human Genetics at the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid and is an honorary professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid. He has also been the director of the National CEGEN Genotyping Centre-Madrid since 2004.

Victoria Fernandez
Doctor of Biological Sciences and specialist in Molecular Biology.

She has worked with Sistemas Genómicos since it was set up in 1998. She is responsible for the New Technologies Department and has been directly related with all the projects that the firm has undertaken since it came into being. She has more than 20 publications in various scientific journals and has broad experience in handling and analysing sequences.

Rebeca Miñambres Herráiz
PhD in Biochemistry specialising in Molecular Biology and Genetics

After graduating with a Licenciatura (5 years of university studies) in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, she realised her doctoral thesis at the Príncipe Felipe Research Centre in Valencia in the field of cellular biology and signalling.

She then worked in the biotechnology sector at AINIA Technological Centre leading collaboration projects with companies as well as national and international projects in the fields of biotechnology and health.

In 2009, she joined the Project Department at Sistemas Genómicos in which she coordinated the teams involved in the projects developed by the company and provided the orientation for the new lines of research and project proposals on a national, European or international scale.

During her professional career, she has published several research articles and participated as a speaker in numerous congresses and scientific forums.

Amparo Girós
Doctor of Biological Sciences and specialist in Molecular Biology and Genetics.

She is an expert in Molecular Biology techniques applied to food in the biotechnology sector. She has published in prestigious journals and has ample experience guaranteed by her participation in various food safety research projects and in the nutrigenomics field.

Sonia Santillán Garzón
Licenced in Medicine. Expert in Molecular Genetics and Human Cytogenetics Techniques.

Before joining Sistemas Genómicos, she planned, set up and developed three genetic services. She has been a university lecturer and a postgraduate teacher. She received the Dr. Franklin Encalada Award in May 1997, as well as the UNESO research award in October 1999. She has published 20 articles in scientific journals and has presented communications in numerous international and national conferences, monographic courses and symposia. She is a member of the Spanish Cooperative Group of Hepatalogical Cytogenetics, of the European Cytogenetists Association, of the Spanish Hepatology and Haemotherapy Association and of the Spanish Association for Human Genetic Study.

Xavier Vendrell Montón
Doctor of Biological Sciences and specialist in Clinical Embryology.

Member of the Spanish Fertility Society, the Association for the Study of Reproduction Biology (member of a Group Interested in PGD), European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (member of the PGD Consortium) and the PGD International Society. He has published 37 articles in prestigious scientific journals. He has received the following awards: the Extraordinary Doctorate Award in the Biomedicine Area (1998), Selection of articles for Fertility and Sterility®, the Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) (1998), Annual Award from the Balearic Gynaecology and Obstetrics Society (1999), Annual Award from the Spanish Fertility Society (2002). He is an expert in assisted reproduction techniques and in Genetic Preimplantational Diagnosis.

Juan Carlos Triviño
Licensed in Biochemistry. Master in Bioinformatics. Master in Biostatistics.

After completing his undergraduate and his different postgraduate studies was part of Biophysics Department at the Complutense University (Madrid). Later, he was member of the System Biology Department at National Center of Biotechnology (Madrid) and Department of Clinical Physiology in Siena (Italy). He joined the company at the beginning of 2011. His work is focused on the analysis, the functional interpretation and the application of systems biology methodologies to genomics and transcriptomics analysis.

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