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Creating genomic knowledge

Sistemas Genómicos is a firm dedicated to research in DNA and RNA genetic codes. Its mission is to provide society with a genetic research service.

We also collaborate in various customised R&D projects. Our aim is to offer this new research to industry and to society.

The firm’s commitment with research has enabled it to become the largest private organisation which offers DNA and RNA analyses in Spain, and the only firm that has participated in international genome sequencing projects. This commitment is shared among 60 professionals with recognised experience in the Molecular Biology and Genetics field.

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A page in the history of science.

In 1998, Sistemas Genómicos was created. The first Spanish firm, and one of the first in Europe, to specialise in DNA sequencing. Since then, its whole activity has centred on improving on a daily basis. It is all effort and passion for science.

Very soon, the first fruits of this effort were seen. After only two years since its creation, the firm made history by participating in the first DNA sequencing of a plant organism: the Arabidopsis thaliana plant. This milestone permitted the firm to invest in better large-scale DNA sequencing technologies.

From 2000 to 2003, Sistemas Genómicos opened up its field of action in the Agrofood sector. So it was that it centres on analyzing transgenic foods and on offering its genetic food authentication service known as AutentiGen®. This service enabled the firm to once again write a page in the history of Spanish science as it became the first Spanish laboratory dedicated to analysing genetically modified organisms.

In 2003, the firm took a firm commitment in progress and research, opened its biomedical division, and addressed its studies to diagnose genetic diseases and to apply them to reproductive medicine. This was a significant advance in the prevention of hereditary diseases.

In 2005, the firm absorbed the whole of the Institut de Genética Mèdica i Molecular (IGEM – Institute of Medical and Molecular Genetics), specialized in medical genetics and prenatal diagnoses. In the same year, it participated in another milestone: the International Tomato Sequencing Project. This was the largest contribution to sequencing genomes done in our country.

In its eagerness to innovate and invest in new technologies, the firm acquired an ultrasequencing platform. So in 2008, it became the Official Service Provider in Europe of this kind of services.

In 2010, it opened the Sistemas Genómicos Foundation.

Nowadays, Sistemas Genómicos occupies the leading position in DNA and RNA analyses in Spain and has the capability of successfully taking international genome sequencing projects.

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