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At Sistemas Genómicos, we are experts at diagnosing Genetic Diseases (a high percentage of which are deemed to be rare diseases), at their physiopathological processes and at new treatment plans aimed at personalised medicine.

Choosing the right genetic study method is basic for correct and quick genetic diagnosis of the patient, streamlining the process for the patient to get the right therapeutic and medical measure and their family members to go on to prevention programmes to avoid transmission to their children.

Areas of Specialisation

SG Exome

Massive sequencing of the codifying regions of the genome: by analysing these regions we can study 85% of known mutations and 21,000 genes

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Molecular designs from a specific group of genes related to certain diseases for most medical specialisations

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Molecular Genetic

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SG Oncobytes®

Precision for oncology: in-depth genetic study and analysis of each cancer cell from a point mutation to the sequencing of the complete exome.

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We Can Help You

  • We apply the latest advances in genomics and genetics to general medical practice.
  • We provide personalised solutions to meet the needs of any medical situation.
  • We are experts in complex next-generation techniques for studying anything from a mutation to a complete exome. 
    We bring together medical and genetic techniques to develop genetic tools for precision diagnosis.
  • We were the first in Spain to apply Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) for precision diagnoses.



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Here at Sistemas Genómicos, we provide you will all our knowledge to help you.

Personalised Services

We provide personalised analytical solutions for our specialisation areas.