What is SG BabyTest?

Our Non-Invasive Prenatal Test, SG BabyTest, allows us to determine the risk of chromosome abnormalities that could affect your baby’s health during pregnancy with a high level of reliability.

  • BabyTest is a Non-Invasive Prenatal Test that does not imply any risk for the baby
  • Only one sample of maternal blood is needed
  • It reports CNVs related to 10 known syndromes
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SG BabyTest PLUS

  • Determines the sex of the foetus
  • Examines the 24 chromosomes in the human karyotype, detecting:
    • Trisomy 21*, associated with Down syndrome
    • Trisomy 18, associated with Edwards syndrome
    • Trisomy 13, associated with Patau syndrome
    • Trisomy 16 and 22, associated with sudden miscarriage
    • Aneuploidies of chromosomes 9 and 15
    • Aneuploidies of the sex chromosomes: Turner syndrome (presence of just one X chromosome), Klinefelter syndrome (XX), triple X and X polysomy

*Chromosome 21 is excluded of CE-IVD mark


  • All of the features of SG BabyTest Plus and also:
    • Angelman syndrome
    • Prader-Willi syndrome
    • 1p36 deletion syndrome
    • Cri-du-chat syndrome
    • Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome
    • Jacobsen syndrome
    • Langer-Giedion syndrome
    • DiGeorge II syndrome
    • Phelan-McDermid syndrome
    • 16p11.2 – p12.2 deletion

We are the only international company that is able to diagnose genetically throughout the entire human life cycle, from the reproductive phase – gametes – through the prenatal stage, childhood, adulthood and death.

We have over 3,200 types of genetic tests in our catalogue. Bringing together medical and genetic criteria, our experts can advise you on which study is most suited to your case.

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